Baker Breaks The Ice

Baker Breaks the IceKeith Baker, of Horsham, broke through for his first win in five years of racing when he won a Standard Sportsman event at Hamilton car races on Sunday. Driving Graeme Muller’s car, Baker put in his best performance to take the honours in a class field.

In a successful meeting for Horsham Motor Sports club they gained 27 placings. Ray Harris was second in the A grade Saloon event, the feature race of the day. In the B grade Saloons the Bell brothers gained a first, second and third. Steve Minne a first and two-thirds, Peter Spokes, Robert Emmett, Denis Fraser and Colin Keam each seconds, and Leon Ellis a third.

Gladys Bell gained a first and a third in the Women’s Races. Neville Eltze continued his winning form with three-firsts and a third in the Standard Sportsman section.

Kevin Baker finished with a first, a second and third. Percy Puls broke through for his first win of the season and also gained a second. Ron Frew and Peter Mirtshin gained seconds and Graeme Muller a third placing.

Eltze gained two-firsts and second and finished sixth in the feature race at Portland on Saturday night, and Ron Frew was fourth in the feature event.

SOURCE: The Mail-Times 1974?