Blue Ribbon Speedway Carnival Promises Plenty of Action

The Horsham Motor Sports Club has received 120 nominations for 13 different Speedway classes in this weekend’s Speedway Carnival. Drivers from Gippsland, Melbourne, Warrnambool, Geelong, Ballarat, Mildura and other local areas will be at the raceway to contest the features and trophies in the double headed meeting to wind up the 2001-2002 Speedway racing season.

Some of the Classes featured this weekend include, Open Sportsman (first visit to Horsham this season), Open Juniors who are contesting the Blue Ribbon Open Junior Championship, a large field of Ladies fighting for the trophies in the Open Ladies Championship, Standard Saloons who are visiting for the first time this season and chasing the Standard Saloon Championship, a large contingent of 3 litre Production Sedans, the Blue Ribbon Racing trucks, 1200 juniors and a special 1200 parents race, and so many Street Stocks that they needed to be split into two large fields.
As speedway fans know that races with a large number of cars contesting provide plenty of excitement and action when chasing the checkered flags.

Sunday’s program will include all of these plus Modified Production and the annual caravan demolition race. This years caravan race also includes some very unusual looking caravans which challenge the “definition” of a caravan, and some very unusual tow vehicles who have a variety of different items installed.

This weekend’s action also includes various Mechanics races. These are only featured in the Annual carnival on the June long weekend as the drivers loan their cars to their mechanics or friends to join the excitement. Often the vehicles don’t come off the track looking quite the same as when they started, hence the reason for these events only being programmed at the last racing of the season, giving the drivers the off season to repair any damage.

Stephanie Walters, Danielle Davies and Gus Walsgott who all recently successfully completed the NASR Junior training Program at Horsham’s track, are all hoping to borrow cars to share in the action, and decide if they will organise their own cars ready to compete in the 2002-2003 Speedway Season commencing in October.

This weekend’s action commences at 1.30pm on Saturday and 12.30pm on Sunday. The only changes to any start times will be if the forecast weather brings rain. Rain rarely causes cancellation at the Blue Ribbon due to the type of track surface, but it may cause delayed starts or extended programming if there is interruptions. For updated information call 53826696 if it rains.