Racing man has a new Dealership

Tom Edgar at the controls of the Elfin at the dirt track at Dooen. PHOTO: Mail-Times

Horsham’s new Renault and Peugeot dealer, Tom Edgar has had a long motor racing career in hillclimbs and circuit racing.

He started competing in hillclimbs around Horsham in 1954 in a Wylie car owned by Dan Ladrigan. Tom then drove a Simea in circuit racing at Phillip Island, Wangaratta and Horsham before getting a supercharged MGTC capable of about 100 miles an hour.

He started building his sleek Elfin racing car in 1962 and finished it in 1963, using some of his own parts and some from the Elfin works in SA.

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Frewen Rips Around the Track

Wheels sliding and dust flying, a Standard Sportsman class car driven by Tony Frewen roars around Horsham Motor Sports Club’s track at Dooen. PHOTO: The Mail Times

The car, owned by Col McDonald, of Mockinya, will be part of the club’s display at a hobbies, art and craft exhibition in Horsham Town Hall on March 7, the last day of the Wimmera Machinery Field Days.

The club hope to show another Standard Sportsmans car at the exhibition well as Tom Edgard’s Elfin racing car, which will race at Sandown on Sunday.

McDonald’s car is one of the seven built or under construction in the Wimmera. He built two cars after seeing one owned by his cousin at Warrnambool. The first was sold at Warrnambool.

Specifications for this class of car include a wheelbase between 90 and 100 inches and a fuel tank holding no more than four gallons.

The car Frewen is pictured driving has a direct drive on both rear wheels through a lock differential, which boosts acceleration. Its power comes from a side-valve v8 engine.

SOURCE: The Mail-Times February 23, 1968

Landrigan Fastest In Elfin

SOURCE: The Mail-Times February 21, 1968

Dan Landrigan recorded fastest time of the day in his Elfin in Horsham Motor Sports Club’s quarter-mile sprints on Sunday.

Driving in the racing car section, Landrigan covered the distance in 16.2 seconds to win from Robert Tucker (MG TC special) 16.9 sec. and Tony Frewen (MG TC special) 17.3.

Roger Pilgrim, one of 30 competitors,  went Into , a triple spin at the end of one of his runs and came out backwards In a. cloud
of dust.

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