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Support Action at Horsham

Great truck action on Saturday with a field of nine trucks provided plenty of close contests. One being lady driver, Ho41 Tracey Penny, who drove well in her debut on the track, in her well presented truck.

The closely contested heats saw the trucks three and four wide at times, with two finishing the night early, Ho57, Bill Guest with a broken tail shaft, and Ho67 John Culph with broken engine mounts. There will be some rushed repairs now to repair the trucks for Saturday’s big night at Speedway City in Adelaide. Continue reading Support Action at Horsham

Blue Ribbon Trucks – Large Field

A field of nine racing trucks at Blue Ribbon this Saturday Feb 15th.
The largest truck field at the Blue Ribbon this weekend, includes new drivers Tracey Penny (first female driver in the Blue Ribbon Trucks), Frank Chrystie, and Dean Thomas. Jason Phillips is also on the track for the first time this season.

The Blue Ribbon Truck racing team has been gaining steadily in popularity over the last eighteen months since they were first created by a team of enthusiasts in the Horsham Motor Sports Club.

The trucks will be looking for a great practice run before racing at Speedway City in Adelaide.

Blue Ribbon Speedway Carnival Promises Plenty of Action

The Horsham Motor Sports Club has received 120 nominations for 13 different Speedway classes in this weekend’s Speedway Carnival. Drivers from Gippsland, Melbourne, Warrnambool, Geelong, Ballarat, Mildura and other local areas will be at the raceway to contest the features and trophies in the double headed meeting to wind up the 2001-2002 Speedway racing season.

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V8 Super Rods Headline Saturday Nights Action at Blue Ribbon Raceway

Saturday night the Super Rods return to Horsham’s Blue Ribbon Raceway for their annual appearance. People who want a great night’s action better turn off the TV and get their backside trackside to witness the excitement of the Super Rod competitors doing battle on the sandstone/clay mix 480m track.

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