Wimmera Light Car Club Formed

The Wimmera Light Car Club was formed at a meeting in the Temperance Hall on Wednesday night.

The meeting was called following the great interest shown in the recent Wimmera Car Trial organised by Mr. Danny Landrigan and Mr. Lyle Lakin. About 50 people attended the lively meeting which was preceded by the presentation of trophy to the section winners in the trial.

Mr. Burgess was elected President in the initial election of office bearers, and Mr. Claude Brand was elected Vice-President. Other office bearers elected were: Secretary, Mr. Lyle Lakie; Assistant Secretary, Bill Dadswell; Treasurer, Mr. Basil Lindroth; Commitee, Messrs. C. Leivesley, A.Trewin, T. Cameron, A. A. Johns, Miss J. McIntosh and Miss J. Shirlaw.

There was long discusslon on the name of the club and suggestlons were Wimmera Light Car Club, Horsham and District Car Club, Wimmera Motor Sports Club, Wimmera Car Club, Wimmera Stock Car Club. The majority of those attending the meeting were in favor of Wimmera Light Car Club; as the name on a preferential basis.

There was also much discussion on the subscription rates. It was finally decided that the membership for should be £1/1/- for both car owners and non-owners and 5/- for juniors under the age of 18.

It was decided that the meetings would be held in the Temperance Hall, providing it was available on Wednesday nights. Future plans of the club were left in the hands of the committee.

SOURCE: The Horsham Times 9th October 1953