The Blue Ribbon Raceway extends a warm welcome to all drivers, crew and spectators and members take pride in the excellent Complex they have developed.

The Blue Ribbon Raceway is situated on land owned by the Horsham Motor Sports Club Inc, and is located on the Blue Ribbon Rd at Kalkee, 18kms North of Horsham. It is approx 320kms from Melbourne and approx 470kms from Adelaide travelling on Highway A8.

The first race meeting was held in November 1996 and of recent years the complex has seen remarkable progress and development, due to a hardworking and generous group of volunteers and members from the Horsham Club and the Kalkee community. (Details of development are itemized on the history page)

Once involved with Speedway, and after attending many meetings and discussions, the Club members voted to become a NASR track and strongly support open competition and registration. This decision was not taken lightly and it was aimed to welcome all those involved in Speedway, no matter which body the drivers were registered and licensed with. (There are so many different registration and licensing bodies operating within Speedway in Australia.)

The Season’s racing usually commences in October each year and closes with a huge weekend of racing fun on each June long weekend. A variety of feature events are offered throughout each season.

The Horsham Motor Sports Club also has a special focus on Juniors in Speedway, both as drivers and spectators and conducts the NASR Junior Development Program and offers many special treats to Junior spectators.

We invite you to view our site and please feel free to contact us with any feedback by email

Horsham Motorsports Club Inc.