Junior Driver Program

In the  2000/2001 the NASR Junior Development Training Program was commenced at Horsham following the training of four Committee members at Newcastle.  This program has been a huge success and is of great benefit in preparing our juniors for racing.  Horsham is now adding to it’s fleet of 1200 Junior cars to extend the program further and conduct it more regularly.  Those involved in the program believe there is scope to extend the program to include further training and to also modify the program for adults wishing to go racing.

Junior Boys“Stars of the future”   A dirt track learning experience for the drivers of tomorrow.

The Blue Ribbon Raceway has conducted NASR Junior Development programs.  We are now seeing juniors who completed the courses a few years ago moving into senior classes, including young gun Jeremy Beddison who made a name for himself in the 1200cc juniors, claiming both VIC 1 and AUS 4. Beddison is now driving in the Formula 500cc class.

GemmaAlso lady drivers Emma Hutchinson (2010/2011 Club Champion) and Amy Yole (2009/2010 Club Champion) have been in the senior classes for a while now. Matt Gerlach (2008/2009 Club Champion) is a regular winner in his Three Litre Sedan. All these drivers started in the same place, and we have only mentioned a few.

Programs will be arranged when we have enough interested juniors to commence a program.

Program includes:

  • General safety
  • Interpretation and use of flags and track signals
  • Race meeting procedures
  • Aspects and use of racing equipment including safety belts and harness, quick release mechanisms, brake systems, ignition kill systems, fuel on/off taps etc.
  • Track craft and manners, conduct on and off the racing surface including responsibilities when in control of a competition machine
  • Explanation of on track procedure
  • Explanation of joining fees, club membership, license and insurance requirements as well as proof of birth date, medicals etc
  • Introduction to Club officials, stewards etc.
  • Discipline – all students are expected to obey all instructions at all times – this is not negotiable
  • On track practice in a controlled environment

JoThe Horsham Motor Sports club is very keen to help out junior drivers to begin racing. The club is prepared to help out in the purchase of cars, purchase of racing gear and provide information on membership, licensing and registration.

Any further inquiries or for bookings,  please contact us

Horsham Motorsports Club Inc.