Shire Okay on Dooen Speedway

Wimmera Shire Council will support an application by Horsham Motor Sports Club for a grant to build a speedway at Dooen.

The club told Friday’s council meeting by letter it proposed to build a first-class speedway, of both interstate and international standard.

The new  track would be not only for competitors’ convenience, but would bring a new an exciting sport to the public of the district.

The speedway would provide one of the best advanced driver educational outlets for the young and inexperienced drivers of tomorrow.

The club letter said that at present, competitors and patrons had to travel to Portland and Warrnambool.

The club now well established, aimed to build a speedway costing $60,450.


It was well aware of the magnitude of the undertaking, but was confident that with shire support and public patronage. it would be successful.

The letter said: “We have other plans for which the speedway complex may be used out of the racing season. Such bodies as the softball, baseball and hockey clubs could use the planned grassed infield both day and night.”

The club sent a set of plans approved by the State Health Department and Edward G. Lumley and Sons, Insurers of motor sports arenas and a letter of approval from the Victorian Speedway Council.


The secretary, Mr K.H. Lovett, said that if council accepted the request, it must consider the overall needs of sporting facilities and submit a grant aplication to the Minister in order of priority. He said the Horsham Yacht Club wanted money for clubrooms. The Shire President, Cr Malcolm Sanders, reported on a club and council conference.


“This is an ambitious scheme, but one which could be of great benefit to the district”, he said.

Council unanimously carried a resolution by Cr Wally Huf and and Bill Johns that application be made for a grant .

Cr Huf said the club had been studying the project for a long time. It was worthy of support.

SOURCE: The Wimmera Mail-Times February, 1974