Luke ‘Redda’ James

HO9 STREET STOCK: Luke 'Redda' James
HO9 STREET STOCK: Luke ‘Redda’ James

Redda is a little busy on race night. He jumps from his V8 Truck into his Street Stock EL Falcon and goes again. He started racing with Richard Bansemer in a TE Cortina as a junior at age 17, and obviously loves racing because he has now raced for half his life!

FYI: You can race from the age of 16 !

“I go alright”, Redda replies after I ask him how well does he race in this class, being currently undefeated in the V8 Trucks. He recently competed in the Australian Title, lining up with 137 other cars in the most popular class in Speedway Sedan racing.

His best race in a title was a few years ago in the Victoria Title in Horsham. He qualified outside poll, (That means the front outside starting position – I had to ask…) He was in the lead for the final half of the race, and unfortunately the fan stopped working on the radiator and it started to get hot and dropped back in the field to finish around 9th.